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Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance


Reclaimed wood furniture is a significant investment expected to last for generations. To maintain its quality, beauty and finish, reclaimed wood furniture requires the right care and cleaning. Our products are made by skilled artisans and most of them are one of a kind, so would like to let you know about its care and maintenance. It will be easier and important to follow these simple tips and guidelines which will help you while taking care of the furniture, as those will act and react differently when exposed to improper cleaning. To keep your furniture in pristine condition, we recommend:

  • If the furniture is not in a pallet, please do not use forklift directly, and try to load or unload it manually
  • While un-boxing it please use blade or knife or scissor very gently to avoid any scratch on the furniture.
  • To protect the natural wax finish please avoid any liquid being split on the surface as it may give a mark on the furniture. Please wipe out any spill immediately using a dry, soft cloth.
  • Please do not expose the furniture close to any excessive hot or cooler places, because climate changes can affect the wood over time and some cracks of warp can appear on the wood, although we have used the kiln-drying process to minimize any cracking and warping.
  • Do not expose the furniture in direct sun light or to inordinate heat as this can blemish the finish, as well as can cause cracking of wooden surface.
  • Please do not use any strong chemical polish as it will remove the natural wax. Also, never clean the surface with wet or damp cloth as it may extract the natural wax polish/coating from the wooden surface.
  • For daily clean and care, wipe with a duster or with any dry cloth.
  • Always use coasters or mats when placing hot or cold beverages or any other hot Items directly on any the surface of the furniture.