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About Us

Opening Maadze came into existence mainly, to share with others the heritage in a new and exciting way. It is our inclination towards the rustic style which then grew into a passion to put this into the homes of others for all to enjoy.  Consequently, Maadze came into formation. “Ma” means “Mother” and “adze” is a tool used for carving wood together they are as "Maadze" .  It is an earthly truth that mother figure is symbolic of pure love and compassion and widely respected in every culture. Thus, Maadze, throughout it's journey will forever maintain that sincerity towards it's customer.

At Maadze, we follow the complete rustic and vintage style.  The rustic reclaimed wood style is vast and has the power to bring history back to life and make it look amazing in today’s world.  Through our products, we bring the legendary stylistic ideals into startlingly vivid and modernized life. Throughout the ages, rustic and cozy designs have retained their charm.  This rustic look, with its bright colors, adds magic to the furniture.  All our pieces are handmade in their finest and striking style  by artisans who are skilled in this art. This art is passed on to them from generations to generations.  This is why this quaint style of furniture is a heritage in itself and each piece has its own story.  Our furniture adds a touch of glamour and blends seamlessly with other modern styles of furniture.

Our products are mostly from, India as well as other parts of the world too. These products are carefully selected so that they meet our customer’s requirements.  All the furniture at Maadze is made from solid mango wood, teak, or acacia wood and recycled reclaimed wood which is an old growth wood and was harvested at the time when the tree use to take their own time in growing. Slow growth means a tight, dense grain which offer & increases superior quality and durability that you can not find in today's modern furniture.  We have also use wrought-iron accenting, with a powdered finish, in some of our furniture to give it an industrial-style and modernized look.  

We offer furniture for the home and business as well as a charming selection of home decor items.  Home decor items are also made in the vintage and rustic style, which shares the story of their history.  These include wooden framed mirrors, jewelry boxes, coat hangers, vases, candle stands, lanterns, and photo frames.  

 It’s the effort of Maadze to give its customers a quintessentially unique style of furniture so that it can become a memorable possession of their homes.  Giving luxury, comfort and satisfaction to its customers is our top priority.

Maadze’s panache style can now be viewed and ordered at our online retail store.