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The Infinite Potential of a Reclaimed Wood

Rustic is a very common and well-known name. it means something plain and simple and related to countryside. Rustic reclaimed wood defies a statement that it is natural, unique and it is bold. It doesn't need any artificial beauty to make it look attractive. It holds a history in a plain and simple fashion. Touch it and discover the restored charm of rustic reclaimed wood beauty on these beautiful pieces of furniture. Moreover, one will always feel blessed as this reclaimed wood furniture is not harming the nature.

Reclaimed Wood:

Reclaimed wood image

In today's era, we want the best for us and for our close ones. Choosing the best in the present time is the prime thing. And when it comes to choosing the right kind of furniture it is not an easy task as there are lot of brands in this world to fulfill all our requirements. That is where furniture made up of reclaimed wood comes to focal point. They are made up of solid wood which is re-purposed for better durability.

The demand for buying reclaimed wood furniture is increasing with every day because it is reclaimed wood stockmade up of old solid wood tree that grew in a long time back. Those trees took their own time to grew and therefore, they had very strong and intact grains. The wood from these trees is then used to make mansions, palaces, homes and various old Vilas. These dwelling places became century old but the wood used in them became stronger with time. It became toughened and grew stronger bearing up against all the seasons.This wood is then re-purposed and used by our skilled artisans to mold according to our present-day furniture style. The artisans then carve and shape these reclaimed woods using an adze too (a tool which is used in the logo of "Maadze". Though with everyday inventions there are more variety of tools which are more accurate and faster. But using adze on a wood is an art which is not learned in a day but needs to be skilled using it through ages. Adze is a tool with the shape of axe, which is used to carve wood and it has been used since the ages to bring the designs and shape the furniture.

Well this is an old tool. And our artisans know very well how to use the tool in a perfect way as it is a legacy which they are carrying out from centuries: Check out this link  from Wikipedia to know more about adze tool:

These artisans know very well where to hit the wood and where to mark it. Well it all depends upon what you want. Well if you are an aficionado you would definitely like something made with heart and something which describes the heritage.

Patchwork shown in the bedsideAfter giving a desired structure to the furniture it comes out totally in a raw form. It needs to become friendly to use at commercial area. For that purpose, it is sanded and made smooth. Lacquer and wax polish is done on it to give the sheen of matte look or slight gleam on it. The wood used in Maadze's product is reclaimed and Eco-friendly. For e.g.: The beautifully carved patchwork nightstand. This is a unique nightstand as it is not possible to make same night stand again. The same reclaimed wood cannot be repeated again in another nightstand. The patchwork done on this nightstand is a very skilled task. Piece by piece is carefully arranged to form a structure of the door of this nightstand. This is one of a kind in itself as the wood used in it might be used in some old palace in olden times as a door or window and cannot be used again.So, when you own this piece you own a part of heritage and that piece will be unique. Most of the products of "Maadze" are made up of reclaimed wood saying a story of its own.

All these products are very smooth in touch and have natural cracks, exposed knots some unevenness and minor bowing of the wood. But these are all counted in its characters. These cracks, unevenness and minor bowing tells the time it has traveled. The way nature is natural, bold and unique. In the same way Maadze's reclaimed wood furniture are natural, bold and unique.

Because reclaimed wood furniture requires lot of patience and creativity of an artisans, I would like to conclude it by adding a line by author: "Artisans are creative and they make a master piece when they put their heart in it" 



Own it and feel the difference!

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