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Whitewashed Cart Coffee Table | Maadze

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This beautiful whitewashed market coffee table is in its purest color. It gives the feeling of freshness in the room. It blends well with easy, soft wall colors. Have you ever wanted to bring this appeal to your own home? Now you can, with this rustic, reclaimed wood coffee table. The sturdy, metal wheels and metal plated detailing provide vintage appeal. At the same time the solid, reclaimed wood structure provides functionality and beauty. There's no question about it, this unique table will become a conversation piece and lend charm to your home or business.

Size: 44" L x 25" W x 16.6" H
Weight: 125 Lbs.

Note: • Rustic, reclaimed wood features exposed knots, surface imperfections such as nicks and small cracks, and some unevenness and minor bowing of the wood. 
• The metal used in our pieces are sometime unsealed and UN-coated to allow it to go through a natural aging process which will give it a weathered, rusted look with time.